Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne Errors

Error:  When starting Warcraft III Frozen Throne you get an error: “Sorry, Warcraft III could not be opened.”

Quick Fix:  

Download patch 1.21b

Run Warcraft III Frozen Throne

Update with Battle.net


So today I broke down and bought the Warcraft Battle Chest.  I was trying to find a game my Macbook Air could play 😉  Anyways, I install and download the newest updates from the Blizzard FTP.  I start playing Warcraft and it was as fun as I remembered.  I then want to play Warcraft III, Frozen Throne expantion and to my dismay I find that it will not start!  It says “Sorry, Warcraft III could not be opened”  Some error… no other info at all!



Downgrade time!  I downgraded to 1.21b and the game started up.  I then connected to Battle.Net and let it update.  Now I can play on battle.net, fully updated without any problems.  By the way, here is the patch.

* Note:  If you have already connected to battle net and applied the patch from there you can still downgrade using the download above.





10 responses to “Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne Errors”

  1. Scarfy Avatar

    I just put the full War3 package on my mac, War3 works and FT worked as well, but as soon as battlenet upgraded, i got this error. what can i do?

    1. KyleCaulfield Avatar

      That is exactly what I did, you can apply the patch in the post even though you already updated. I will update the article

  2. Thi Avatar

    um i hav the same problem but this time its v 1.23

  3. ACE Avatar

    How exactly do you install the patch manually? I downloaded it and double-clicked the icon but nothing happens.

  4. KyleCaulfield Avatar

    Try redownloading the patch from the above links, it may not have finished. It is pretty big!

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  6. mike cas Avatar
    mike cas

    my problem is when is lunch my war3 it just stays like that then it will restart!!!!

  7. JJ Avatar

    Can this update work on Reign of Chaos?

  8. Swe_01 Avatar

    I have the same problem /Mike cas/ when i logg in to battlenet it say /Restart/ and then i get an error that //File cannot be founded//
    And now i cant play battle.net becous i dont have my cd-key and the game anny more…. i lost it!” F*CK BLIZZARD!

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