vmx86.sys bluescreen when starting VMWare Virtual Machines

Running Windows 7 64 bit a common VMWare (and many other programs) problem is that a driver will cause a Blue Screen of Death, or BSOD. An easy way to allow these drivers to run and have windows ignore the issues is by disabling “Driver Verifier” in windows 7. These is a quick and easy way to try to solve your problems with your .sys drivers.

  1. Hit windows key + r to bring up the run window and type “verifier” without quotes.  Click OK.
  2. Choose “Delete existing settings and click “Finish.”
  3. Restart your computer

Hopefully this will help with your BSOD problems.  If you are having such bad problems you can not even get into windows before your BSOD, try this same method using Safe Mode.  Let me know in the comments if this worked for any of you!






2 responses to “vmx86.sys bluescreen when starting VMWare Virtual Machines”

  1. Brian Rinebarger Avatar

    Thank you! This solved my issue perfectly. Brian.

  2. Bryan Avatar

    Hi I have got a issue which pops BLUE screen when trying to play 3D game on VM. It absoltely well played but when i tried to use a key that makes items illuminated then suddenly pops Bluescreen, and shut down.. i dont know why it happened. Before i did it last month, it’s perfectly well done.. plz back to me Thanks

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