Steam Version of BioShock – Cheats working!

For all of you trying to get cheats working in your BioShock game you bought on steam, you may notice they do not activate and trainers will not work.  Follow this tutorial to get cheats working:

  1. Navigate to your steam folder, normally:  C:Program FilesSteam
  2. Enter the folder: steamappscommonbioshockbuidsrelease
  3. Edit the file DefUser_int.ini
  4. Do a find and replace on the key you would like to find for what cheat
    Such as replace… “F10=” with”F10=god”

Here are some more codes you can try out!

Code:                  Result:

fly                          Fly Mode

ghost                    No Clipping Mode

teleport                Teleport to Crosshair

walk                      Remove Fly and Ghost modes

killpawnsKill        All Enemies on Level

slomo                   Slomo Mode

suicide                 Kill Self

givehealth           Gives Health

givebioammo     Gives EVE

igbigbucks          Give $500






37 responses to “Steam Version of BioShock – Cheats working!”

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