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Well, it’s that time of year again, vacation time!  Many of us are going to Disney and may even go back every year.  For those people there is a special timeshare called the Disney Vacation Club.  While it is a very expensive club to join it could save thousands if used wisely.

With all large purchases there are a lot of questions to consider… is this right for my family?  Do I need to go to Disney for the next  40 years?  Will this even save me money?  Since the first two (and many more) are person questions, I can try to help you with the money choice.  Below is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that will calculate the cost of your normal Disney vacations at two different hotels, the DVC direct from Disney as well as resale.  Each also includes costs for your own food budget or using the Disney Dining plan.  To use this spreadsheet all your need to do is edit the far right section with information about your family, your trip and how many points you think you need.  You will then see the costs for the next few years to see what makes sense money wise.

Here is a link to the spreadsheet filled out with a week stay at DVC Saratoga Springs Resort, hotel 1 set to a moderate hotel and hotel 2 is a value resort:


Feel free to play with it and leave feedback in comments!







3 responses to “Disney Vacation Club Calculator”

  1. Lucinda Avatar

    All of my questions settled—tnkhas!

  2. Mick Avatar

    In several places in Row 3 you have ($T$13 + $T$14) to account for annual dues. I think it should be ST$13 * ST$14. Tot points X maintenance rate. Or I could be totally reading things wrong…

  3. Eric Mat Avatar
    Eric Mat

    Hi Kyle,
    Could you please repost your spreadsheet? The link is broken.
    Thank you!

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