Windows Media Center Movie Library with xbox 360

If you are like me, you have been banging your head against the wall trying to get your xbox 360 working correctly with your Windows Media Center’s Movie Library. I went on and on figuring it was a codec problem. The issue you are seeing should be that when logged directly into the media center it sees your movies, but the xbox 360 shows an error: “There are no items in the library yet …”

The solution is stupid… you just need to add the folder FROM the xbox 360. You would think it would pull the settings directly from the media center PC just like it does for music and pictures library, but it does not. Anyways, just go to settings, Media Libraries and add a movie library to the share (or folder) where you have your videos.

Now, if only these videos had cover art etc. Well, you could add each video and find cover art for the video and spend the rest of your life doing that for each video… or you could use an easy windows service that will easily find the name of your video and download cover art and even extra meta data. It doesn’t work for every movie but in my collection it covered about 80%.

The tool you need to download is called Yammm (Yet Another Media Meta Manager). Before you install though you should know that each video needs to be in its own folder. You can easily complete this by running this dos command inside your videos folder:

FOR %i IN (*.*) DO (IF NOT EXIST “%~ni” MD “%~ni”) & (MOVE “%i” “%~ni”)

When this command completes point Yammm to the root of your movie folder, click save and walk away. It will create artwork for any new movies you put in this folder as well!